15 years of my Waldorf World

Waldorf Inspiration and Handmade Waldorf Toys

Waldorf Toys

Each of our Waldorf toys is unique, with its very own character and personality! They have a neutral, simple, pleasant expression that allows children to have a free and imaginative play without restrictions in any area.

Waldorf Dolls

Handmade dolls with a beautifully simple design and neutral features

Waldorf Inspired Fairies

Magical fairies handmade with organic carded wool 

Elves and Gnomes

Handmade with carded wool for decoration of the seasons

My Waldorf World

15 years of my Waldorf life

Free Play

Free Play

The child's personality can best develop if it is allowed to develop as independently as possible. The search for independence is an essential characteristic of child development. Development of free movement as a basis for a healthy development of the...

How I became a Waldorf teacher

How I became a Waldorf teacher

I studied Waldorf Pedagogy at the University Institute of Waldorf Pedagogy in Stuttgart, Germany, from September 2005 to July 2008, obtaining the title of  Bachelor's Degree in Waldorf Pedagogy and Kindergarten Teacher specialized in Waldorf Teaching Method of...

The Art of Speech

The Art of Speech

With TAMARA CHUBAROVSKY In July 2018 I had the opportunity to take a course at the Waldorf School in Cuernavaca in Mexico with the aim of discovering and learning in a practical way that the word is the great center of education, both because it is the basis of...

Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf Dolls

For Waldorf pedagogy, the doll that a boy or girl has in its hands is of great importance in children's play. The doll accompanies the child in his experiences, is a consolation in his sorrows and celebrates his joys. The dolls are made by hand with great care and...

Waldorf Methodology

Waldorf Methodology

Choosing an educational environment that meets the expectations we have for our children is one of the most important decisions we must make as parents. Preschools differ primarily in terms of pedagogical orientation or concept. One of these concepts is Waldorf...

The toy of 1000 possibilities

The toy of 1000 possibilities

Curve board is a classic game that has its origins in Waldorf pedagogy. One of the best features of the board is that it is the children themselves who are finding different uses for it and endless ways to play with it, providing them with many benefits. Balancing:...

How to grow as a person?

How to grow as a person?

At some point in our lives, we have all had thoughts about our current situation. In some cases we want to change for the better, learn new things and become successful people in all areas of our lives. Do we really do it? It is important to act and look for...

The child: water, earth, fire and air

The child: water, earth, fire and air

This is my article for "My children and I" magazine: "The importance of experience and contact with the 4 elements in the first years of a child's life to obtain a healthy development". I have always had interest and a desire to write an article and have it published...

Katia Sittenfeld

Katia Sittenfeld

Certified Waldorf Teacher

I am passionate Waldorf teacher, Waldorf mom and Waldorf education advisor. What I like to do the most is to create beautiful, softy, cuddly, organic dolls and toys, handmade with love in the Waldorf style.

Kindergarten Teacher graduated in Waldorf pedagogy in Germany, certified in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Teaching Method.

Co-founder, academic director, member of the board of directors and head group teacher at Casa Waldorf Nursery and Pre-school, Guatemala. (05.2017- 2020).

Pedagogical advisor, Lead Teacher in Preschool, Group Teacher, Crafts and Art at the Waldorf School of Guatemala. (09.2014- 04.2017).

Senior group teacher at Kräherwald Waldorf Kindergarten in Stuttgart. Member of the internal board of Kindergarten Waldorf Kräherwald in Stuttgart, Germany. (09.2010 – 05.2014)

Teacher at Kräherwald Waldorf Kindergarten in Stuttgart, Germany. (07.2009 – 08.2010)


Featured Products

Handmade Special Edition Waldorf dolls and Ornaments.  Each one is made almost entirely of organic materials, is unique and will accompany your child for many years.

Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree with these beautiful handmade Waldorf Ornaments.

Baby dolls

This little dolls are made specially for very small children.

Ayuvi Special Edition Dolls

A donation to Ayuvi for children with cancer.

Custom made Dolls

All of my creations can be reproduced or  you can have the colors changed.  If you would like a custom doll in another size, skin, dress or hair color configuration, I would love to make your wish come true!

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